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Cook: Nunnie (Pam Pole)

Hum... it's nothing really. Hehehehe. I just slice up red onions. You have to have Red ones. They are the best. They are not real hot. They are juicy and almost sweet tasting. Yum, Yum. Hehehehe. Then I slice dill pickles. If I have tomatoes I slice them too. I pile all that on my hamburger bun. On the very top of all this stuff I add a slice of American Cheese. Hehehe. Yup, it makes it pretty darn thick.

I put Mustard on one side of my bun and Miracle Whip (mayonaise like stuff) on the other half. Then I make big huge hamburger patty. I make it round and thin. I season it with pepper and regular salt and then seasoning salt. The seasoning salt adds other flavors to the meat like onion, celery and other things. I use it all the time when cooking steak and roast. On Pork Chops and Chicken I only use Salt and pepper. Also on steak and roast I use Lemon Pepper. Have you every tried that? It is so good. Adds so much more to the flavor than regular pepper does.

Ok... back to the hamburgers. :) As soon as it starts to brown just a bit then I flip them over and season them again. I keep turning them every minute or so. That way they stay nice and juicy and don't get all brown and dried out. I make them thin because as they cook they plump up and fit the bun perfectly. When they are well done and not red I add a slice of American Cheese on top of the burger itself. I let it melt. When it is done I take it out and put the side that does not have cheese on it, on top of the slice of cheese on the bun. Then I add tons of lettuce on top of that and it is done.

Yum, Yum. Hehehehe. Sometimes I will cook the hamburger in Worschister (I know I didn't spell that right) Sauce. Boy... that makes it tastes so darn good too.