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The Wizard - A culinary excerpt

Cook: Various

Right after we came through the door he took a sweet potato from the frig and poked holes in it while talking about the transient nature of things. He placed it in the micro wave oven and set the timer. We then engaged in a lively discussion on the transparent aspect of the immutable laws. He was so witty.

Just before the potatoes were done, he took these little hot rolls ( they had been hot two days ago) from the cart. Ping, he pulled the steaming potato from the oven and sliced it into cylinders which he spread around the paper plate. He tore the cold hot rolls open and inserted a slice of potato which he sprinkled with salt or something.

He waited for me to try one before he started on his. I have been the victim of far too many pranks and I'm embarrassed to admit that I hesitated in the face of his smile. He smiled and said nothing.

They were fabulous! He chuckled and said, "The price of freedom is vigilance." and while I did not understand the relationship of sweet potato to the founding fathers but I could see that he was pleased.