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Blackberry Jam

Cook: Amanda Penrose

Pick hundreds of blackberries, eating as many as possible on the way.
Get thoroughly scratched and stained and come home with a big purple grin on your face.

Measure your blackberries (1 kilo will make about 6 small jars of jam) and wash them but don't dry them.

Measure out an equal amount of sugar to the weight of the blackberries.
You probably haven't got enough, so now's the time to meet those new neighbours...

Boil fruit in a HUGE pot until mushy, and add sugar slowly(ish).
DON'T stir it now until it reaches 104-107oC (you'll need a special jam thermometer that keeps the bulb from touching the bottom of the pot).
Ladle the jam into clean, warm jars (I dip them into a pot of boiling water, which also sterilises them). Seal the jars with wax or cellophane.

Make some scones, whip some cream, invite everyone over and FEAST!

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam works the same way - but add a tablespoon of lemon juice per kilo of raspberries for a bit of extra pectin (that's the stuff that sets your jam).

Cook your berries until mushy

Time to add the sugar

Check the temperature with a jam thermometer.
Don't worry about the bubbles, they're normal.

The finished product!