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Rob's Famous Nachos

Cook: Rob Cummins

Comprising of ...

Rob's Famous SALSA

Ingredients : Money, Supermarket

Recipe: 1. Buy a pot of salsa. Making it is too damn hard and time consuming.


Rob's Famous SOUR CREAM

Ingredients : Milk

Recipe: 1. Leave milk in sun.
2. Wait

Alternatively, see 'Salsa' recipe.


Rob's Famous GUACAMOLE

See Rob's Famous Guacamole (next Recipe)

Rob's Famous NACHOS

Ingredients : Corn Chips
Sour Cream
Grated Cheese (low melting point. pref. Monterray Jack)

1. Take an oven-safe dish with either high sides, or a slight curveture in the bottom.

2. Stand your corn chips upright. Some people find this hard to do, but it is worthwhile in the end.

3. Spread your grated cheese over the top of the corn chips. Then put your hand across the points of the chips and shake them lightly so the cheese slips down between the chips. Add more cheese and repeat until there is a layer of cheese that is sitting on top of the chips.

4. Put in oven until the cheese melts and the outer chips begin to brown just a little.

5. Remove and spoon sour cream, guacamole and salsa over the top in seperate lines.