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Margret's Soup

Cook: Margret Huber

Onion rings fry in a little bit olive oil (my favourite one) - 1
Fill up with a stock of vegetables - 1 Liter
Carrots grate - 300g
Potatos grate - 300g
Root vegetables what ever you want
Mangold cut in stripes - 100g

Mangold is a kind of vegetable we like to eat here in Europe, maybe you know it with this name “Swiss chard”. In the same way we like to prepare potatos.

Cook it 15 minutes and do some spice you like.

In each plate give a spoonful Pesto and fill up with the hot soup.

If you want try some cream.

Pesto is an Italian speciality it’s including olive oil, basil, nuts.
(Australians often use pine nuts and add parmesan cheese to this - Ed.)