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Potatoes in Capsicum

Cook: Amanda Penrose

Two red capsicums
Two medium potatoes
One small onion or two spring onions
A little sour cream (optional, but yummy)
A splash of milk
A handful of grated tasty cheese
A blob of butter
Fresh parsley
Salt, pepper and paprika

Cut capsicums in half and clean out centres. Place round side up on grill tray and grill until the skin starts to blacken. If they're done before your filling is ready, take them off the grill and put them in a plastic bag to sweat.

Peel and chop potatoes, place in a saucepan of hot water and boil until soft. While they're boiling, chop the onion reaonably finely and fry in a little oil.

Mash the potato with the milk and butter, adding the cheese, seasoning, onion and sour cream. The mixture sould be reasonably firm.
For non-vegetarians, you can add ham or bacon to the mixture.

Peel as much of the skin off the capsicums as practical. Place them back on the grill tray the other side up and fill the hollows with the potato mixture.

Grill until the top of the potato mixture browns a little. Serve hot with fresh parsely on top!