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Pear and Cheese Salad

Cook: Rob Cummins

Green salad
Tinned pears
Creamy blue cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic or berry vinegar.

Simple, but awesome.
Just make (or buy) a green salad with whatever you feel like.
Then take tinned pears. Must be tinned, not fresh, because you want them as soft and as sweet as possible. Dice them.
Then you need to select a cheese. The key words we're looking for here are salty and creamy. You could use a camembert or a brie, but I prefer as creamy a blue cheese as I can find. A Bavarian Roquefort, for example, or similar. If it's a brie or such then cut it and add to the salad. If it's a blue then don't cut it, but rather crumble it with your hands into bite sized pieces. Toss them in the salad.
Then make a simple vinaigrette. Mix some extra virgin olive oil and some vinegar. You can use a white wine or balsamic vinegar (balsamic works well), but best of all is to get a berry vinegar. If not using a fruit or berry vinegar then add some of the juice from the tinned pears to the mix. If you're using fruit vinegar, then don't. Mix it in and you're done.
You should have a salad that counterbalances very sweet, very salty, very creamy and very sour. Its so simple, but it kills. I have received many complements about this salad.