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Vegetable Samoli

Cook: Various

Cook: Javaria Shah

1 Long burger bun (samoli)
Mayonnaise as required
Cheddar cheese slices cut in triangular shape or shredded Mozarella cheese as required
1/2 can Americana baked beans
Some diced mushrooms
2 lettuce leaves
4-5 slices of tomato
1 egg boiled and mashed with salt and a bit of pepper
Some green or black split olives for decoration
Mustard sauce as desired
Americana hot sauce as desired

Cut the burger bun lengthwise so that you can fill this, but it should still be attached at the bottom.
Spread mayonnaise on both the ends. Then put in the cheese slices, baked beans (with the tomato sauce), mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, egg and olives. Finally put little bit of mustard and hot sauce on the sides.
Microwave for just 20 seconds or until the cheese melts.

Full of aroma and very delicious, you must try this! Suitable any time - either for breakfast or just a snack in the evening ... also a good alternative at lunch time.