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Easter Leg of Lamb Dinner

Cook: Glori Mulligan

Leg of lamb or shank end
Frozen peas
2 jars of baby apricots
Sliced fresh carrots
Fresh rosemary
Salt & pepper
Rice pilaf
2 garlic cloves sliced in half
Mint jelly
4 packets of good brown gravy mix
Small croissants

Prepare roast of lamb by cutting off extra fat and markings on top if there are any. Put into a large roasting pan with a rack. Season with salt & pepper. Cut slits on top and place garlic into cuts depending on how much garlic you prefer. I am a little discreet with it. Sprinkle rosemary on top. Place in a 350o oven for the amount of time needed per pound. Take lamb out before the last 1/2 hour and spoon baby apricots all over the roast, front-top-sides. Put back into oven to glaze. Remove when done and put roast on wooden board and cover with foil to keep warm.

Mix gravy mix with water (1 cup per package....I cheat I know). Stir and blend well and add to drippings in roasting pan. Stir all with a wooden spoon, scraping sides and bottom to get all remnants of roast. Either heat on stove or pour into another pan to heat up. Stir and blend until thickened and nice and dark. It will be a wonderful dark gravy and fat blends because of the apricots. I use 4 packets of gravy so that I have enough for a Shepherd's Pie. I usually cook more veggies than I need for the same reason.

Microwave the peas. Cook rice per directions of package. Boil carrots in microwave or on top of stove. Drain, add butter, salt & pepper, sugar, nutmeg, and parsley. I usually serve the peas and carrots in a divided dish as they complement each other. Serve with croissants.