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Kasha's Best Chocolate

Cook: Various

Cook: Kasha, Melbourne Australia
This is the best chocolate in the world and is soooo good for you as well.

250g Cacao Butter
200g Mesquite
150g Cacao Powder
3 tbsp Agave
1 1/2c Brazil Nuts (ground fine)
(we also added 2 tsp of Suma, but you can leave it out to begin with) sell all of these ingredients. To begin with you might want to halve them as they're more expensive than most people are used to paying for regular chocolate. However, it's just so good that we find it well worth the money, and there is no downside to it. You can literally have your chocolate and eat it too!

Melt the butter by placing it in a bowl over another bowl of boiling water. Whilst it's melting, combine all the dry ingredients well. Pour the melted butter and agave into the centre of the dry ingredients and stir well. Pour into a plastic tray and put in fridge to set. You can either wait until it's half set to cut it into squares, or until it's fully set and they just break it up with a knife.