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Potato Salad

Cook: Joelle

Potatoes - peeled, minimum one per person
Paul Newman's classic salad dressing
Onion - one or two (depends how much salad you're making)
Finely chopped Bacon - chopped into small pieces
Eggs - one per two potatoes
Mayonaise - recommend the Canadian mayo "Best Foods", otherwise a proper egg mayo
Seeded Dijon mustard

Boil the potatoes and then chop them into chuncks.
Put into the bowl you are going to serve in and pour some Paul Newman's classic salad dressing over them. This will absorb into the potatoes, giving them a great flavour.

Fry the onion and bacon. Put in the bowl with the potatoes.
Hard boil the eggs. Slice into pieces. The easiest way to do this is to use one of those egg slicers and cut the egg one way, then turn it around on the slicer and cut the other way. Add to the potatoes.

In another bowl mix the mayonaise - should be a generous ammount, enough to make the salad creamy - with a few teaspoons of mustard (amount depends on the quantity of mayo).
Add the mixed mayo/mustard to the potato mix. The potatoes should be well covered with mayo. And enjoy!